About M&S Car Hire

My name is Mary Pavlaka. My family and I run M&S Rent a Car from our seafront office in Haraki, Rhodes, Greece.

I look after the bookings so it’s probably me you will meet if you visit the office. My husband Paul (Pavlos) and our family look after the cars themselves from our garage in nearby Malona. You will probably meet Paul if you arrange for transfers, or if you come by our Haraki office in the evening when we usually sit and socialise with our customers and friends. We both speak good English.

We live in Malona where we have a garage business which operates all year round serving the local people in our village and the surrounding area. We also have a number of citrus fruit farms and olive groves. My husband runs the garage with our two sons Savas and Manolis (which is where the M&S name came from). Because we have our own garage, our rental customers can be assured that our vehicles are kept in excellent order.

My spoken English is pretty good, however I’m not great with the written word or email. So if you need to contact me direct this is best done by phone. If you want to make a booking for four or more consecutive days then it’s best to go through the website booking form which is looked after by an English friend who will take you through the booking process by email.

Whichever way you choose, all the details and opening times are on the contact page.

Whether you would like to hire a vehicle for the duration of your holiday or just for a few day’s sight seeing on our beautiful island we look forward to meeting you, or indeed seeing you once again!


Mary Pavlaka